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Ability to customize the Data Quality Score

Ability to customize the Data Quality scores in DataGroomr by applying values to different fields as well as utilization of the AI intelligence.

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Hi Renee,

Thank you for your suggestion. Can you please elaborate how would you like to be able to apply values to different fields?

I would like to be able to add standard and custom fields into the logic of how the data quality score is calculated as well as number values to reach a higher DQ score. Here is an example:

Account Name = 25 points, Shipping Address = 25 points, Bill to Contact = 25 points, and Billing Address = 25 points to equal a total DQ score of 100. These factors would be able to be customized as part of the data quality score built into Data Groomr.

How the AI is building out the proposed Data Quality score should be able to be reviewed and customized by the Data Quality Admin. 

In our org we have a field called Connectlink Key. when this field is populated it will bring in contacts and information about the account. We also have other fields that we use to verify that the correct Connectlink Key has been assigned to the correct account by double checking the addresses. Maybe if the address on the account matches the address from the Connectlink key the score would be better. We also use the ConnectLink Key to check the name that is register of that school and makes sure it matches the name on the account. If they matched then it would have a better score. There may be more examples but this is just a few that come to my mind. If we could use the AI to check those fields for data score purposes it could help with the score of accounts

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