New + Improved

  • Trimmr: Add delete button to individual records

  • Inform user if required Salesforce APIs are not enabled

  • Trimmr: Allow to protect individual records. Protected records are never modified in Salesforce

  • Added session inactivity warning to auto log out if user is inactive for more than 20 minutes

  • Gracefully handle multiple connections under the same username

  • Speed up dataset load and totals calculation

  • Added subscription management


  • Fix Salesforce application may fail on authentication

  • Auditr: Dataset name sometimes may not be displayed

  • Trimmr: Fix dataset name validation

  • Importr: fix same values can be highlighted in some scenarios

  • Auditr: Triggered By may not populate

  • Trimmr: Fixed client hanging if dataset validation fails

  • Importr: If master record is not in review set then all records are marked by red

  • Auditr: filter may work incorrectly for Status column

  • Cosmetic fixes across all parts of the application