DataGroomr leverages Machine Learning algorithms to automatically find duplicate records (leads, contacts, and accounts) in Salesforce and load them into matched groups. Users can then compare records side-by-side, select master records, copy or edit field values and then merge to eliminate duplicates.  Alternatively, merging can be done en-masse.


A similar de-duplication and enrichment functionality is provided for imported CSV lists.


DataGroomr is comprised of six modules:



Identify duplicates in Salesforce records. Compare side-by-side, copy/edit and then merge to eliminate duplicates. Convert Leads to Contacts and Accounts.



Prevent duplicates from being created in Salesforce as a result of importing CSV files. Review and update your existing records when new or more up to date information is found in the CSV.



View a comprehensive list of actions performed by DataGroomr. Review detailed information about analysis, merges, imports and much more.



Automate tasks in DataGroomr. Set up recurring duplicate analysis activities and schedule mass merge and mass convert tasks. More coming soon.


Create and manage organization wide rules to identify and merge records. Create and manage duplicate detection algorithms that are customized for your needs. Coming soon, manage objects which are accessed through the DataGroomr platform.



Evaluate the quality of Salesforce records using AI technologies. Validate and standardize attributes such as emails, addresses and phone numbers. Update or Delete records in bulk.