After navigating to a dataset, you will find that Trimmr has allocated duplicates into Matched Groups. The confidence level, which indicates the certainly that the matched records are duplicates, is shown to the right.


To start reviewing duplicates, open a group by clicking on the expand symbol (>) and press the REVIEW button.  This will open a Review Dialogue window showing all the data inside the records in side-by side columns. 

Tip: Change the Fields displayed in the Duplicate Group Review window

Master Record

The master record (the record that will reamain in Salesforce after the merge) is shown on the left and any fields containing different values are highlighted in red.  To replace the entire master record with one of the other duplicates, click on the MASTER label and select the appropriate radio button.

Override/Copy Data

If you want to replace the data in any master record field with one from another record, simply click the value in red.  To reverse, just click on the value again.

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Inline Editing

DataGroomr also supports inline editing to modify values directly inside the Master Record fields.

Group Actions

When you’re satisfied with your changes, click the MERGE button to remove the duplicates. 


Good to Know: Don’t worry about losing any data such as opportunities, tasks, campaign history etc., as the history will be rolled into the master record that you create.


Occasionally you will decide that the records in a specific group should not be merged. To do this, press the red UNMATCH button to instruct DataGroomr to ungroup selected records and do not group them again in any future analysis.

Good to know: DataGroomr’s machine learning algorithm will use your MERGE/UNMATCH decisions to improve the identification of duplicates.

Press the Tag icon to assign tag(s) to a group that can be used to filter records in a dataset.

Learn more: Tag groups

Data Verification

You may also verify phone, email or street addresses using the verify feature (requires Credits - see Manage Credits). You may verify the entire row or data within an individual cell by clicking on the label. 

Record actions

You may also wish to prevent a Salesforce record from being modified or deleted. To do this, select 'PROTECT' from the options on the menu for that record.

In some cases, a record should be removed from Salesforce all together. To do this, select 'DELETE' from the same menu.