DataGroomr’s task management module, SCHEDULR gives users the ability to automate certain tasks.  From the SCHEDULR dashboard, you can:

  • Add a new job (see below)
  • Run a job on-demand - Select a job from a list and press Run button to start
  • Edit a job - Select a job from a list and press Edit button to open editing window
  • Delete a job - Select a job from a list and press Delete (trash) button 
  • Disable a job - A job can be activated/deactivated by selecting it from a list and pressing the Toggle button.



Adding Jobs

Schedulr support multiple types of jobs that can be fully automated, that includes

  • Analyze - analyze data for duplicates and data quality
  • Mass Merge - mass merge duplicates
  • Mass Convert - mass convert leads to contacts or accounts
  • Mass Delete - mass delete records
  • Mass Transform - mass standardize, normalize or update data
  • Mass Import - mass import records from Importr dataset
  • Mass Verify - mass verify records in Brushr dataset
  • Sync To Salesforce - synchronize duplicates with Salesforce

To create a new job, press the ADD JOB button. You will be prompted through a 4-screen wizard.

1) In the first window enter the name of your job and select the type of job in the Action field.

2) The second window will prompt you for details based on type of job

3) The third window is used to schedule the job and if you wish the job to recur, an interval can be added.

4) The final window is a confirmation screen to review your settings.