New + Improved

  • Very large groups of duplicates are now paged and records can be manually merged in up to 50 records chunks

  • Dataset configuration: SOQL query editor replaced with the fully interactive filters editor

  • Importr: allow to map to the picklist fields

  • Significant improvements to the Machine Learning models for less false positives and higher accuracy

  • Display arrows icon on all columns which are sortable

  • Schedulr: ability to refresh job listing

  • Schedulr: Run at time is now editable


  • Many updates and fixes for Microsoft Edge browser and Safari

  • Importr: Wrong number of records is shown on confirmation dialog after clicking Mass Import button in case "Filter" condition in not empty

  • Importr: Review button shows increment after any update completed with errors or warning

  • Trimmr\Importr: "Is Unread by owner" value is not grayed out after copy value from slave to master (Leads dataset)

  • Trimmr: After deleting record from unmatched section in review it is still checked

  • Click X on the error notification to close it and taken to Auditr

  • Schedulr: job runs every immediately after update if start on is today

  • Schedulr: time does not fit on shorter screens

  • Auditr: fixed seconds formatting issue at the top of the minute

  • Importr: fixed filtering to work on all fields

  • Trimmr: artifacts appear when fields are sorted via drag'n'drop