New + Improved

  • Trimmr: Convert Leads to Contact

  • Trimmr: Convert leads to Accounts (new contact automatically created)

  • Trimmr: Editable combobox, picklist and multipicklist fields

  • Trimmr: Fields of type Reference may be copied from other records

  • Items are alpha sorted in filter dropdown and mapping dropdown

  • Machine learning models Improvements (more data points and more data types)


  • Importr: After importing from matched section, № of records in unmatched becomes negative if no records were in Unmatched section before

  • Trimmr: Depending on browser window size a horizontal scroll bar of review table can be non-functional

  • Salesforce refresh token may fail renew for sandbox connections

  • Trimmr: Date picker for dates in filter of dataset configuration does not fit screen when filter is close to the bottom