The Rules engine can be accessed directly by pressing the Rules link located under the Supervisr tab in the Navigation Menu. 

Creating Merge Rule

DataGroomr allows users to create, edit and remove custom rules that control the behavior of merges.  These include the selection of the master (or surviving record) and how fields will be merged.

To Create a new rule, press the ADD RULE button and select which rule you'd like to create, Master Record Selection or Field Value Merge rule. This will open the Rule Dialogue window, which consists of 3 sections.

  • The left hand-side of the screen allows users to specify a rule name and description.  A list of available fields is displayed and can be modified below.
  • The Rules Designer section contains a list of optional steps on the left that can be dragged into the designer work area on the right to build rules.
  • The Rule Preview window below displays the results of the rule with sample data.  

Tip: Any changes to the rule can be immediately observed in the Preview area.

Good to know: A flag next to the Rule Preview label will automatically display the validity of the current rule. 

Press SAVE to create the rule or Cancel to exit without saving.

Editing Merge Rule

To Edit an existing rule, select it and then press the EDIT button.

Learn more about editing two types of rules:

Merge Rules: Create Master Record Selection

Merge Rules: Creating Field Value

Cloning Merge Rule

Occasionally you may need to create a copy of the existing rule. To do this, select the rule and then press the CLONE button. 

Deleting Merge Rule

A rule can be deleted by selecting rule and then pressing the Trash button.

Good to know: A rule that is labeled as the default cannot be deleted.  If you do wish to remove this rule, set another rule as the default.  See how to set default rules using this link.  

Assigning to Datasets

A rule can be associated to a dataset or can be set as a default for your account.

A rule that is marked as Default will be used by TRIMMR datasets and Mass Merge automatically.  However, users may choose an alternate rule when configuring datasets (see Configure Datasets documentation for more info) or performing a Mass Merge.

To set a rule as a default, select the rule and then press the SET DEFAULT button.  The  Default  label will be displayed next to that rule.

To associate a rule with specific datasets, press ASSIGN button. Assign rule dialog will be shown, select desired datasets and press Assign button.

Copy Rules between Prod and Sandbox Orgs

You can move any rule between your production and Sandbox using this feature.  To move a rule, select the rule and then press the COPY TO .... button.

Good to know: For situations where you have a large number of rules to move, contact DataGroomr support and we will assist.