To Edit an existing matching model, select it from the list and then press the EDIT button. 

If the model is in Draft status, all the entry fields will be editable.  You can add a name, add/remove/edit fields and enable auto training.

Tip: To learn more about editing fields, please follow this link.

For new or Draft models:

  • Pressing the TRAIN button will begin the training process.  During this process the model will analyze the data for the fields you specified and select combinations that may or may not be duplicates.  Once a model has completed the Training process, it will be converted to a matching rule that can be used by your datasets. 
    Good to know : Once initialization begins the fields for this model will no longer be editable.
  • Pressing the SAVE  will only store your changes.  You can return and edit this model.
  • Pressing CANCEL button will exit this window without saving any change.

For Ready for Training or Trained rules, the fields will not be editable.

Good to know: If you want to modify fields in a model that has already been initialized simply click CLONE to create a copy and apply modifications to the cloned model.

Press SAVE to update the model or Cancel to exit without saving.