For new models or those in Draft status users may edit the matching (or comparison) type used for each field.  This is done by clicking on the pencil icon inside a field which brings up a drop down dialogue as shown below.

The prefilled matching type is auto selected by DataGroomr based on the type of object field and it is generally not 

advisable to change it.  However, there are some cases that this would make sense...

For example: If you wish to create a model that only looks for identical email addresses, this can be done here by selecting the Exact matching type from the list shown.

The following comparison types are available:

  • Text - compares text values. Default comparison type;
  • Short Text - compares short text values, faster than text, good examples to use it are City names and Zip Codes;
  • Long Text - compares long text values like Description, preselected for TextArea field types;
  • Name - compares person or company names;
  • List - compares values in a list, preselected for Picklists;
  • Date/Time - compares values as date and time, preselected for Date and DateTime field types;
  • Number - compares numbers, preselected for price and number field types;
  • Exact - checks if values are exactly the same;
  • Exists - checks if value exists in a field.