New + Improved

  • DG-1525 Trimmr: Intelligently handle Salesforce governance limits during mass merge
  • DG-1529 Auditr: Display results for Import/Convert/Update operations
  • DG-1575 Sort datasets by alpha A-Z in the left menu and on the dashboard
  • DG-1550 Display estimated number of records for the mass merge, convert and update operations
  • DG-1547 Auditr: detailed results status column is sortable
  • DG-1546 Merge rules: allow to distribute value among field
  • DG-1543 Trimmr/Importr: Added switch to auto-collapse other groups
  • DG-1542 Trimmr: Allow to skip to the next group from Review
  • DG-1516 Supervisr: Machine learning: Training session failed when all fields are empty
  • DG-1578 More responsive UI on long running requests


  • DG-1584 Auditr: Something went wrong message when do convert already converted record
  • DG-1560 Auditr: Error details are not informative when mass merge failed due to an incorrect value in reference field
    DG-1558 Auditr: Some records are not tracked after importing
  • DG-1555 Scheduler: Typo in Recur Every Interval validation message
  • DG-1554 Auditr: Convert results - total number of convert does not match details table
  • DG-1553 Auditr: Import results result on a last page is missing ID
    DG-1551 Auditr: merge details - changing number of items per page does not work
  • DG-1537 Scheduler: User is able to save job with recur interval '0' hours
  • DG-1536 Auditr: Event format for Mass merge and Mass convert is deferent
  • DG-1532 Trimmr: Convert operation under protected records failed with unclear error something went wrong
  • DG-1528 Merge/convert history widget does not include warning events
  • DG-1519 Scheduler: Add Job: Crossmatch datasets containing same object are not available for select in MASS MERGE action
  • DG-1518 Scheduler: Add Job: Crossmatch datasets containing same object are available for MASS CONVERT action
  • DG-1498 Mass merge for very large datasets may fail
  • DG-1188 Auditr: Mass convert error is not informative after mass converting when master record has required field "Account" not populated