New + Improved

  • DG-1570 Brushr: Dashboard displays list of datasets with data quality assessment
  • DG-1573 Brushr: Add/Edit dataset to analyze data for quality and verify emails and phones
  • DG-1590 Brushr: Add/Edit dataset - Customize data verification actions
  • DG-1579 Brushr: Display email field quality
  • DG-1587 Brushr: Review selected records
  • DG-1589 Brushr: Dataset actions - export records with verification data
  • DG-1626 Brushr: Allow to sort by validated field
  • DG-1618 Brushr: Give feedback if score/validation as incorrect
  • DG-1591 Brushr: Data quality action credits 
  • DG-1566 Brushr: Display low quality records
  • DG-1611 Importr: Allow to compare to existing dataset
  • DG-1608 Auditr: Display IDs of the deleted records
  • DG-1607 Display edition and sandbox in the header
  • DG-1623 Display progress status of operations


  • DG-1631 Trimmr: Confirmation dialog to reanalyze records appears after changing dataset name
  • DG-1628 Brushr: Review button is not activated when some records are being reviewed in review dialog and need to select more
  • DG-1598 Mass merge on slow Salesforce merge may error due to Mongo cursor timeout