DataGroomr API employs multiple checks to verify email address validity.

- checks email for correct format

- uses machine learning to identify common misspellings

- identifies shared email addresses (like

- checks if email is a temp disposable address (like

- checks if email domain is valid

- checks SMTP server to make sure address is valid and accepts mail

- uses machine learning to discover alternative emails for invalid emails

Based on the aforementioned checks, DataGroomr will calculate a score and provide email verification status,

  • Valid - all checks passed, an email address is valid, and mailbox is reachable;
  • Warning - basic checks passed, but DataGroomr couldn't fully validate if email is reachable;
  • Risky - some of the checks failed, mailbox is unlikely reachable;
  • Invalid - email is invalid, mailbox is unreachable;
  • Role - an email address is "generic". Such email addresses are usually assigned to a mailing list or a job function instead of a person. Examples of the role-based email addresses  are info@, sales@, accounting@, support@
  • Disposable - Although disposable email is a valid mailbox, it is hosted by a service that provides single-use temporary addresses.
  • Suggestion - an email didn't pass validation checks but DataGroomr has discovered a valid mailbox for this person.

Good to know: In most cases, to see why DataGroomr assigned certain status to an email, you may hover over the verification status and detailed reason will be displayed in a tooltip.