Roles allow administrators to manage access to modules and datasets inside the DataGroomr App.  The Managing Roles option can be accessed using the dropdown arrow in the Org section (top status bar).

Selecting this option will bring up a screen containing a list of roles. You may add, edit, remove and assign role to users using controls on this screen.

To Add a Role, press the Add Role button, which will bring up the Manage Role dialogue window show below.  To Edit an existing Role, select it from the list and press the Edit button at the top.  

Role Permissions

From here you can specify role name and create permissions to access DataGroomr modules and the datasets inside them. 

On the General tab you can specify a name and description of the role.

On the Permissions tab, for each permission. there are 3 options: INHERIT - use the permissions from the module, ALLOW - allow users to access and use the module/dataset or DENY - prevent user from access to a module/dataset 

On the Tags tab, you may specify which tags a role has access to add/remove to a group in Trimmr. The following example allows a role access to "Approved" and "Approved by HR" tags and restricts access to all other tags.

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