New + Improved

DG-1995 Welcome: Provision Leads/Contacts/Accounts datasets in Brushr on new sign up

DG-1889 Brushr: Allow to export verification results to Salesforce

DG-2037 Brushr: Improve performance displaying records

DG-1990 Brushr: Retain records selection between pages

DG-2003 Brushr: Allow to create transform rule from the dataset configuration dialog

DG-1804 Brushr: Performance improvement on Mass verification

DG-1989 Importr: Retain records selection between pages

DG-2012 Importr: Add Next button on the review dialog

DG-1992 Schedulr: Allow to schedule Brushr datasets analysis

DG-2013 Schedulr: When creating a job set start time to the current time

DG-1997 Supervisr: Display datasets in groups in the start model training dialog


DG-2049 After clicking mass verify and activating free credits price page is not refreshed

DG-2043 After adding removed user and assigning a role the previous role is displayed until refresh

DG-2042 Once assigned a role to a user the clear role option does not work

DG-1934 Trimmr: Review dialog: Protect\Delete dropdown list reappears after clicking Protect

DG-1986 Trimmr: Not marked field to display are shown in grid for crossmatch dataset

DG-1802 Trimmr: There is no notification when mass merge finishes with warnings

DG-2053 Importr: Mass import successful but no records are imported when Account field is empty

DG-2036 Importr: Progress icon is not shown for mass import and mass verify

DG-2000 Importr: After creating dataset from CSV some extra fields are displayed in grid

DG-2002 Importr: Mass import may fail on very large datasets if Salesforce response is delayed

DG-2001 Brushr: Progress icon periodically resets to 0 and disappears when transforming many records

DG-1998 Brushr: After logging in, a user with no access to Leads or Accounts or Contacts dataset analysis fails

DG-2044 Auditr: Duration is displayed incorrectly if more than a day

DG-1935 Auditr: Search icon is not aligned for Undo dialog

DG-2040 Schedulr: Email with analysis result is not sent when scheduled job contains at least one dataset with no records

DG-2005 Supervisr: Edit Model: Model cannot be saved when Comparison type dialog is opened after clicking Save

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