New + Improved

DG-2080 Brushr: Allow to mass apply email/address suggestions

DG-2079 Brushr: Auto-apply suggestions on verification

DG-2069 Brushr: Enabled editing for records in review dialog

DG-2068 Brushr: Allow to force verification

DG-2014 Brushr: Sync verification results to Salesforce automatically on verification

DG-1950 Allow to download payable invoice

DG-2034 Auto create leads in contacts dataset on trial sign ups


DG-2085 Importr: Transform allows to select all fields instead of mapped only

DG-2081 Brushr: Records remain selected after mass delete

DG-1914 Importr: CSV does not contain "IsMaster","MasterId" columns when export matched group records with verification data

DG-1893 Trimmr: After restoring matched group in a cross-object dataset from a list the group does not contain child record

DG-1892 Trimmr: After restoring matched group from list number of records in group is incorrect and score is empty for restored record

DG-1774 Trimmr: Sorting does not work for unmatched section

DG-1759 Auditr: Refresh button does not refresh new events when 'Date Range' is set