CSV records which were identified as duplicates to Salesforce records can be used to update Salesforce en masse.  To do this, press the MASS UPDATE button. 

In the displayed window, drag bar to select the minimum match confidence level to use as a basis for the mass update. Then choose the preferred method for updating Salesforce record. 

The following Field update rules are available:

  • Update empty fields with values from CSV - Matched Salesforce records will be enriched with data from CSV, only empty fields will be populated
  • Update all fields with values from CSV - Fields of the matched Salesforce records will be overwritten with values from the CSV file
  • Custom merge rules defined in Field Value Merge Rules

To mass update the matched records to Salesforce, click the UPDATE ALL button. You may also assign matched Leads or Contacts to a campaign by selecting the Assign to campaign check box and selecting an available campaign from the drop-down list