New + Improved

  • DG-2155 Automatically set up Person Account datasets and models on initial sign up
  • DG-2146 Group datasets of the same type in a sidebar and allow to expand/collapse
  • DG-2136 Dashboard: Data Quality Summary widget
  • DG-2147 Trimmr: Automatically adjust convert and mass convert speed
  • DG-2138 Trimmr: Automatically adjust merge and mass merge speed
  • DG-2125 Importr: Automatically adjust update and mass update speed
  • DG-2157 Importr: Automatically adjust import and mass import speed
  • DG-2108 Importr: Allow to select Field Value rule in the Mass Update
  • DG-2126 Supervisr: Allow to clone Merge and Transform rules
  • DG-2016 Supervisr: Display global models in the models list


  • DG-2167 Advanced filter condition LAST N DAYS incorrectly transformed to basic
  • DG-2170 There is no scroll bar when adding transform rule from dataset configuration
  • DG-2165 Importr: Import to Leads, Compare to “Leads in Contacts“ Update SF record does not work
  • DG-2142 Importr: Import to Leads with compare to “Leads in Contacts“  Contact record is not editable in Review dialog
  • DG-2148 Brushr: sync settings dropdown jumps when clicking on it
  • DG-2134 Brushr: There is no warning when  'Field to Sync'  is already created and user tries to create the field again
  • DG-2133 Supervisr: Fields are still shown in lists after refreshing objects which were deleted from Salesforce 
  • DG-1994 Manage roles: User is able to add roles with a same name