New + Improved


  • DG-2216 Trimmr: Allow to Undo unmatch
  • DG-2256 Trimmr: Allow to select multiple fields for display at once
  • DG-2230 Trimmr: Intelligently limit number of displayed columns in listings


  • DG-2178 Importr: Allow to edit fields mapping


  • DG-1888 Brushr: Automatically correct state and country if misspelled
  • DG-2128 Brushr: Include Verified On date when exporting to Salesforce UI


  • DG-2231 Supervisr: API Integration - allow to override merge method
  • DG-2220 Supervisr: Merge rules preview - allow to load from Salesforce
  • DG-2209 Supervisr: Allow to delete related datasets when removing object


  • DG-2225 Auditr: Display progress in logs


  • DG-2245 Schedulr: Display Next Run and make it sortable


  • DG-2279 Trimmr: UI get stuck when move to next page after Unmatch
  • DG-2276 Brushr: Error when updated value is not among State and Country/Territory Picklists
  • DG-2267 Importr: You have modified fields mapping dialog is shown when check\uncheck fields to display
  • DG-2265 Trimmr: After merge last group review does not open on next page
  • DG-2264 Trimmr: Fields to display in cross-object dataset does not open dataset settings on the Fields tab
  • DG-2261 Trimmr: Markup fileds error from Salesforce on merge with custom field value rules
  • DG-2257 Trimmr: Unable to load group when 600 fields are selected for display
  • DG-2253 Brushr: After reviewing just updated record Update button shows Update (1)
  • DG-2247 Importr: Compare To is not retained when add adding dataset from CSV
  • DG-2242 Importr: Refresh fields requires reloading page
  • DG-2228 Importr: CSV record with same as master ID cannot be updated when master is protected
  • DG-2223 Dashboard: Date for dataset tooltip is wrong on Data Quality History widget
  • DG-2222 Trimmr: Cross-object review does not offer verification
  • DG-2221 Dashboard: Icorrect dataset statistics on Data Quality History widget after refresh or change of display options
  • DG-2217 Dashboard: Legend datasets are not sorted by alpha
  • DG-2215 Trimmr: Custom object records without name field are displayed as unable to load from Salesforce
  • DG-2214 Importr: Sort matched records by confidence does not work
  • DG-2210 Trimmr: Concatenating date\time field to string has a time shift after merge
  • DG-2191 Popup appears background instead of foreground after click subscribe for sandbox
  • DG-2190 Error after adding Brushr dataset when org limit exceeded
  • DG-2187 Brushr: Email\address suggestion replacement from review dialog modifies protected records
  • DG-2183 Importr: There is no pro icon for +add filed value rule from mass update dialog
  • DG-2176 Importr: Custom Contact field values are not shown in review dialog when comparing to “Leads in Contacts“
  • DG-2169 Trimmr: Restore failed when record is restored from child group
  • DG-2104 Supervisr:  Field value rule does not work for equal Date
  • DG-2103 Supervisr: Field value rule does not work with contains for Date field on review dialog
  • DG-2022 Brushr: Export records to SF: mapping page has no vertical scroll bar
  • DG-1981 Trimmr: Confirmation dialog does not appear when mapping changed for some fields
  • DG-1826 Supervisr: Checkbox fields are not available to be transformed