New + Improved


  • DG-2297 Support Salesforce External Objects


  • DG-2305 Allow to mass convert unmatched Leads with creation of contact and account
  • DG-2202 Allow to export first 25 groups/records on Trial


  • DG-2259 Allow to select day of the week for schedule


  • DG-2320  Display boolean editor for transform rules

Lightning Component

  • DG-2330 Allow to display more columns


  • DG-2352 Brushr: Export field name includes Verification type
  • DG-2346 Trimmr: Error reviewing records which references another record without Name column in cross-object and importr datasets
  • DG-2345 Dashboard: No info on Duplicates History widget if the data is denied by role
  • DG-2343 Mass convert includes both leads and contacts when estimating number of records
  • DG-2342 Recycle Bin: Exception for Appointment Scheduling Policy object sorted by name
  • DG-2341 Recycle Bin: Record name and Undo columns data issue
  • DG-2339 Importr: Match confidence is not displayed on grid for matched section
  • DG-2335 Importr: After Mass Update using rule "Update all fields with values from CSV" checkbox is not updated from True to False
  • DG-2333 Dashboard: Data Quality History widget error when Brushr denied by role
  • DG-2331 Trimmr: Client works slow on review dialog when many fields on review dialog after UNMATCH
  • DG-2327 Supervisr: Transform rule preview is broken if time or encrypted text type properties are chosen
  • DG-2211 Trimmr: Concatenating Date field has a time shift after merge
  • DG-2326 Trimmr: Review dialog gets stuck after Unmatch 1st and last record in group
  • DG-2318 Auditr: Undo failed when many records were merged during mass merge
  • DG-2316 Importr: Log browser record stays in In Progress status for the dataset without compared object
  • DG-2312 Trimmr: Filter Conditions with upper and lower case do not let toggle filter to simple mode
  • DG-2309 Importr: Incorrect number of matched records for mass transform
  • DG-2308 Schedulr: After click Refresh button for completed once job a time of next run is set to current time
  • DG-2075 Importr: Export unmatch records to CSV failed when > 1M records