New + Improved


DG-2314 Improve dashboard loading time when many datasets

DG-2382 Allow to navigate to a dataset from the summary widgets


DG-2392 Display selected rule title and description on the edit dataset dialog

DG-2383 Dataset dashboard display number of groups

DG-2380 Display version of selected model in the dataset configuration

DG-2362 Export Unmatched records


DG-2391 Allow to configure update rule

DG-2389 Allow to upload CSV without required fields


DG-2367 Update "day of the week" to function as a restriction for hourly and daily jobs

DG-2363 Allow to email report for mass merge, convert, delete, transform jobs


DG-2402 Importr uses model from the dataset it compared to

DG-2393 Trimmr: Very large object over 1Gb of data fails to load from Salesforce

DG-2390 Importr: Adding update rule from the mass update dialog does not have Created/Modified date

DG-2377 Supervisr: Transform rule for proper case is incorrectly applied to names with dashes

DG-2374 Trimmr: Matched records export includes both - unmatched and matched groups \(cross object\)

DG-2368 Importr: Give feedback on verification status cause an error