New + Improved

  • DG-2315 Importr: Allow to import to dataset from another object
  • DG-2406 Importr: Display number of matched records
  • DG-2463 Trimmr: Display when dataset was last analyzed
  • DG-2433 Trimmr: Merging two contacts related to same account should also combine roles
  • DG-2409 Brushr: Disable data quality calculation and display all selected fields
  • DG-2469 Brushr: Allow to apply transform rules to the Reference ID fields
  • DG-2451 Brushr: Allow to change order of transform actions
  • DG-2410 Schedulr: Mass verify job
  • DG-2360 Schedulr: Mass import job
  • DG-2424 Supervisr: Validate transform rule compatibility with object
  • DG-2464 Supervisr: Group datasets by modules in rule assign dialog


  • DG-2375 Trimmr: Merge fails for a user who does not have access to same fields as account admin
  • DG-2474 Trimmr: Related account in contact is not restored after merge undo
  • DG-2437 Importr: Mass import errors should also display progress
  • DG-2431 Importr: Search doesn't work for External objects
  • DG-2419 Trimmr: Convert lead without account in Lead in Contact dataset shows success notification instead of fail
  • DG-2459 Importr: Mapped date column may be displayed 1 day off