Schedulr Triggers enables near real-time Salesforce events processing to transform and verify fields on records creation or modification.

Good to Know: Triggers are based on Salesforce Streaming API. Considerations for Push Topics limitations can be found here
    Salesforce PushTopic Streaming Allocations
    Salesforce Unsupported PushTopic Queries

Accessing Triggers

Navigate to Triggers menu item under Schedulr module.

Adding New Trigger

Hit Add Trigger button, a dialog window will appear. Specify Trigger Name, select Dataset and Salesforce events when trigger should fire (Record Created and/or Record Updated) and select desired Actions to execute (Transform and/or Verify). Hit Next to advance to the next step.

Configuring Trigger

Depending on the actions selected a Transform or Verify steps will be shown. Specify desired actions to be executed similar to Brushr dataset configuration.

Learn more: Configuring Brushr Datasets

Transform Actions

Verify Actions

Hit next to advance to the Confirm step, hit Confirm button to create new trigger.

Managing Triggers

The following functions are available from the Triggers page.

  • Edit trigger
  • Toggle (disable or enable) trigger
  • Delete trigger