The article serves as an installation and configuration guide for DataGroomr Verify Salesforce app.


Copy and paste the package install URL into your browser’s address bar. If you are not already

logged into the org you wish to install the package into, salesforce will prompt you to log in.

We recommend to select Install for Admins Only option as it allows to control access to the component and its features and permissions after the package has been installed.

Add Component to Page Layouts

Go to the Lightning App Builder.

Note: You may click top menu Edit Page from a contact or any other object record page to get the Lightning App Builder.

Once in the Lightning App Builder, from the list of components on the left, find the DataGroomr Verify under the "Custom - Managed" section and drag and drop it to the page layout.

Hit Save

Hit Activation... button and in the displayed Activation dialog set the page as an org default, app default, or a combination of app, record type, and profile. Hit Close.

Hit Back button to go back to the page layout.

Repeat for other objects as required.

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