New + Improved

  • Global: Re-enginered events processing to improve reliability and performance
  • DG-2376 Schedulr: Allow to run analysis prior to mass action
  • DG-2448 Importr: Allow to display unmapped fields in listings and review
  • DG-1185 Supervisr: Allow to use fields from the related objects in merge rules
  • DG-2540 Supervisr: Allow to change order of fields in a model
  • DG-2582 Supervisr: Allow to copy rules and models from Prod to Sandbox


  • DG-2254 Importr: Unable to rename or save dataset if the name present in Trimmr
  • DG-2497 Schedulr: User is able to add already used in another trigger field when edit existing trigger
  • DG-2527 Auditr: Wrong tooltip on Undo button for unmatch event
  • DG-2552 Resolve redundant relationships failed when field is not found
  • DG-2560 Trimmr: Wrong number of records when export duplicates
  • DG-2565 Auditr displays unverified records in the mass verify event
  • DG-2587 Auditr: Something went wrong when paging of error details for very large number of events
  • DG-2596 Trimmr: Record selection is not reset after analysis
  • DG-2597 Schedulr: Previous dataset remains in the job after its update
  • DG-2601 Importr: Update isn't available on the Review Group
  • DG-2603 Brushr: Label for Auto Apply suggestion toggle button is not switched