DataGroomr's Duplicates component is designed for all Salesforce users. After installation and configuration (see below), users will find a new component in Salesforce consisting of duplicates records with a few options.


In order to have access to the Merge button a user has to be registered as a DataGroomr User or a DataGroomr Merge Enabled User.

Learn more: Manage Users

The lighting component displays duplicate records from all datasets available in Trimmr.

Press Merge button to open Merge dialog. Currently selected record will be preselected as a master record, use checkboxes on the left to select which records should be merged together. Press Merge button to confirm.


The same lightning component also allows Salesforce users unmatch records that have been improperly classified as duplicates. Click the review button to indicate the records that should not be included in the match group and click "Unmatch."



Tagging can be used to help flag duplicate groups without merging data. Users tag duplicate groups by clicking the dropdown arrow by the "Review" button. Click "Search Tags" within the Edit Tags module to apply and save a tag on the duplicate group. 

Note: Field values rules associated to a dataset will be applied automatically upon merge.

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