DataGroomr’s Log Browser offers a detailed review of all actions executed inside the application.  Each event shown in the list can be expanded to review details.  Users can also filter to identify specific activities that may be of interest.

Event Definitions:

  • Analyze – duplicate detections or data quality analysis (Trimmr, Brushr, Importr)
  • Convert – convert a Lead to Contact or Account (Trimmr)
  • CSV Upload – file upload (Importr)
  • Delete – record deletion (Trimmr, Brushr)
  • Export – export records to a CSV file (Trimmr, Brushr, Importr)
  • Import – record import into Salesforce (Importr)
  • Load – data load for analysis (Trimmr, Brushr, Importr)
  • Merge – records merge executed (Trimmr)
  • Protect – record protected from merge/delete/update (Trimmr)
  • Restore – undo merge or deletion (Trimmr/Auditr)
  • Sync – synchronize duplicate record set with Saleseforce duplicate record sets (Trimmr)
  • Transform – transform executed (Brushr)
  • Unmatch – records inside a matched group are marked as not duplicates (Trimmr)
  • Update – record was modified (updated) (Brushr, Importr)
  • Verify – verification email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses (Brushr)

An event maybe opened to provide more information and additional actions such as UNDO (requires Enterprise subscription) or EXPORT.