Accessing Auditr
  Auditr can be accessed from the link in the dashboard or from the Navigation menu on the left side of the screen.  
Fri, 10 Apr, 2020 at 9:06 AM
Log Browser
DataGroomr’s Log Browser offers a detailed review of all actions executed inside the application.  Each event shown in the list can be expanded to review details.  Users can also filter to identify specific activities that may be of interest.   Users may take advantage of some specific actions inside Log Bro...
Mon, 27 Sep, 2021 at 2:49 PM
Undo (a Merge)
Note: The UNDO feature is only available to Enterprise subscription users. The UNDO function allows users to reverse merges by restoring deleted child records and reparenting any related records.  See note on stored information here. To use this function, navigate to the merge job in Auditr > Log Browser...
Mon, 27 Sep, 2021 at 3:01 PM
Export Auditr Activities
There are two option for exporting activity logs in DataGroom.   1) Users may export event logs using the EXPORT button at the top of the Auditr window. Note: The export will include all events shown in the list below.  This list can be controlled using the filtering options in the gray...
Fri, 23 Jul, 2021 at 5:18 PM
Recycle Bin
DataGroomr’s Recycle Bin provides an ability for users to view and restore any records that have been removed from Salesforce. To display records available in the Recycle Bin, select the object. To Restore, select the records and then press the RESTORE button. Note: The related records which were moved...
Tue, 28 Sep, 2021 at 12:08 PM