The Undo/Rollback function allows users to reverse merges by restoring deleted child records and reparenting any related records. The differences between Undo and Rollback are outlined below:

Undo merge

  • Utilizes Salesforce recycle bin and metadata saved during merge;
  • Can only restore records that are still available in the Salesforce recycle bin (typically 15 days);
  • Cannot restore overwritten fields in the master (surviving record);
  • Available to users with an active "Undo" add-on (included in Enterprise subscription).

Rollback merge

  • Utilizes backup that was created before merge;
  • Can restore records for as long as backup files are available (indefinitely);
  • Can restore records and field values in the master records and duplicate records;
  • Available to users with an active "Rollback" add-on.

To use this function, navigate to the merge job in Auditr > Log Browser and press the UNDO or ROLLBACK button.

Select desired records to restore or hit Restore All button.